Labor Support and Birth

For a women, giving birth is one of the life’s biggest blessings. However, thinking of the birthing process makes majority of women anxious. The core reason behind the same is the lack of awareness about the labor support options available during birth.

Labor support is offering help to the laboring mother via natural pain relief measures like breathing techniques, relaxing birthing positions, visualization, massage and other assistive devices (birthing ball, rocking chair) to ensure a comfortable birthing process.

Research shows that offering support during labor can modulate the birth outcome as it helps a mother emotionally, physically and mentally. The constant comfort and companionship help reduce the chances to opt for pain medications, making labor a more comfortable experience. Thus, labor support is a way of making birth safer and healthier, helping a mother to take home joyful memories of childbirth experiences.

Support during labor can be offered by any experienced personnel (Doula/ labor Support Specialists) or by the husband/ any family member with whom the mother-to-be is comfortable. However, since every birth is unique, it is advised to seek professional help for the same. Through timely guidance with various labor positions and breathing techniques, the specialists ensure conserving energy for a laboring woman, to be utilized at the right time. The massage strokes help ease the discomfort by promoting the relaxation. Use of birthing ball helps get the baby in the optimal birthing position, the cumulative result being a comfortable and supported labor.

Be assured, the practitioner does not replace the family by any means, however, since she understands how the body responds during labor and the process of birth, the assistance act as a cover through the demanding labor stages. The continuous care and companionship during birthing facilitates normal birth by boosting the self-confidence for the laboring mother.

With the introduction of childbirth classes for the expectant couples at various hospitals, the couples now have access to the relevant information regarding birth and birth support options. Prior information empowers them to be prepared and motivated for the birthing process.

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