Tips For New Dads And Dads-To-Be

Whether you’re a new dad or expectant father, your life probably already has changed in surprising ways since you first heard the news. Adjusting to new responsibilities can be challenging at first, but you’ll have plenty of time to get it right. Below are a few tips that will help you along the way:

  1. Prenatal bonding – Pregnancy is the best time to start connecting with your baby and this includes the fathers as well! Dads-to-be should spend some time talking to their little one every day, so that the baby becomes familiar with the their voice as well.
  2. Prepping up – Getting involved with the daily care of your baby through activities such as dressing and bathing is the best way to build your skills and confidence whilst helping the mother. You can also attend baby care classes to learn all about taking care of a newborn during the time the baby is still in the womb. After all, standing as a support system for the family becomes immensely important for the father after the baby’s arrival.
  3. Connect through touch – Babies respond to touch as it makes them feel safe and secure. A simple way to soothe and relax the baby is through a gentle massage.
  4. Motivate your partner – A great way to motivate your partner is through words of encouragement, as it can help her deal with postnatal changes both physically and mentally.
  5. Special Play time – Make sure you spend some time specifically for playing with the baby everyday so he/she expects ‘daddy-time’ on the daily.
  6. Develop Patience – Many men may find themselves frustrated while taking care of the baby or if they get less attention from their partners. During this time, remember to-
  • Think constructively- device alternative plans
  • Find someone to talk to or vent to
  • Take a break
  • Exercise for a good way to cool down
  1. Soothing a crying baby – The key to soothe a crying baby is to mimic the environment in the womb. Try out the 5 ‘S’- Swaddling, Shushing, holding the baby on his/her Side, Swinging and letting the baby Suck.
  2. Labour Support – Be present while the mother is in labour- supporting, massaging the back, and breathing with the mother helps tremendously. It’s important to be there for you significant other when she needs you and it will make all the difference.
  3. Talk to your baby – Chat and read to your newborn baby, sing a song or simply tell them what’s on your mind. This helps the baby in developing their language skills and more importantly, strengthens the relationship with your child.
  4. Educate yourself – If you are nervous about being a new dad, you’re not alone. Join a parenting group, talk to other new dads or join classes for new dads, as you can never know enough about parenting.
  5. Limit visitors – Limit the number of visitors in the first few weeks if your partner is feeling overwhelmed. This will also allow you to bond with your little one and reduce the chances of infections to the newborn.
  6. Skin-to-skin– Like mothers, fathers should also make skin-to-skin contact with the baby. This regulates the baby’s temperature and keeps them calm. Even while taking a walk or doing light tasks around the house, you cankeep the baby close and safe by wearing a light carrier.
  7. Holding– Always support your baby’s head when holding him/her upright or laying him/her down as your little one will only develop better head and neck control after three months.
  8. Be a breastfeeding partner– Breastfeeding can be challenging initially, especially for first- time mothers. You can help your partner by-
  • Settling her into a comfortable position for feeding
  • Offering her water to maintain her hydration level for feeding
  • Burping, changing diapers, swaddling and calming the baby







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