A Brighter Women’s Day At Fortis La Femme

On Thursday night, Fortis La Femme hospitals across the country lit up in honor of International Women’s Day. The initiative was unlike any other, which reminded people, who came across the illuminated structure, to stand up for the equality and freedom of women and to acknowledge their contribution to society.The grand display set the structure apart and brought the message across beautifully.

Hospitals located in Bengaluru, Jaipur as well as Greater Kailash and Shalimar Bagh in New Delhi were illuminated in a hue of purple to commemorate women.

Through this initiative, Fortis La Femme aimed to drive positive change by literally shining light on the need for us to do more for women everywhere as they recognize that progress for women is progress for everyone.

Such outward support for women was made through the display, which is in line with Fortis La Femme’s objective to provide dedicated medical care to women of all ages.

The statement- ‘Love Being A Woman’ was also flashed on the buildings, which were used as beacons to send a powerful message that despite all the inequalities and disparities women face every day; it is empowering to be a woman. Through its wide range of quality care services; Fortis La Femme aims to empower women to empower themselves.

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