Get In Shape By Healthy Eating

With an appropriate diet regime and proper exercise, it is easier to lose weight and remain healthy post-delivery.However,it’s not advisable to start on a weight loss program before eight weeks have passed, whether it’s a normal delivery or a Caesarian Section. Around eight weeks is the time required for a woman’s body to replenish the depleted stores of nutrients? Also your body needs adequate rest to helpspeed up your recovery.

Give Yourself a Break:Don’t be stressed about losing weight immediately after delivery. Give yourself sufficient time and when you are ready, you can start with a 30-minute walk at a normal pace.

Eat Well Balanced Meals:Due to increased demand for energy and nutrients during lactation, you require a balanced diet. Because all the calories consumed are rapidly utilized to produce more milk. Hence, Breastfeeding also helps in weight loss.

Choose Low GI Foods:GI stands for glycemic index. It refers to the time taken by glucose in the food you have eaten to get absorbed in the blood stream.These foodsmake you more energetic, reduce your hunger pangs and also lessen the chance of carrying forward gestational diabetic status and obesity related complications. These are oats, whole wheat flour, brown rice, ragi, bajra, fruits, green leafy vegetables, root vegetables, pulses,quinoa, flax seeds, chia seeds, nuts etc.

Include Protein food: With each meal or snack incorporate proteins. This will curb your hunger as protein takes a longer time to digest.

Healthy Fats : Opt for MUFA &PUFA rich foods like almonds, walnuts, olives, various cooking oils, tahini, fish, flaxseeds, pine and brazil nuts.Hydrate Regularly: Keep yourself well hydrated with plenty of fluids.They regulate your body temperature. Your fluid requirement is more,If you are lactating.

Stay away from caffeinated beverages:Caffeine leaches the calcium and other minerals from your body and makes your bones brittle. Restrictingsoft drinks facilitates weight loss.Caffeine affects the milk production and also the sleep pattern of the baby.

Along with a proper diet regime one has to exercise and have adequate sleep to achieve the desired goal.
Before starting any exercise regime consult your gynecologist.

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