The Hidden Medical Epidemic- Uterovaginal Prolapse

A prolapse takes place when there is a protrusion of an organ or structure beyond its set orientation. In the case of utero-vaginal prolapse, a descent of the uterus or vagina occurs.

This condition is quite a common gynaecological disorder, however many women hesitate from speaking about it openly as they are embarassed about their state and hence are not treated for it. Many are unaware that a treatment is available for the condition and that the utero-vaginal prolapse can cause further complications if ignored. At Fortis La Femme, comprehensive care and world-class services are provided, so that the patient is nursed back to health as quickly as possible.

There are many symptoms associated with the condition, including a dragging sensation or bulging of the vagina. One may not experience any symptoms if they are suffering from a minor prolapse but in case of moderate to severe prolapse, symptoms such as increased discharge, a heavy  feeling in the pelvis or a feeling as if you are sitting on something begin to show up. More severe symptoms such as frequent urine infections and difficulty with intercourse can also occur with time. It is important to seek medical advice immediately. Without proper treatment, this condition can impair bladder, bowel and sexual functions. Various medical and surgical treatments  are available at Fortis La Femme which can be tailored to your specific needs. A hysterectomy with prolapse surgery may be offered or a more conservative treatment in the form of pelvic floor exercises, pessary insertion may be also suggested.

Dr. Sonu Agarwal (DGO MRCOG – UK, FRCOG – UK) is a Senior Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who has been associated with Fortis La Femme for almost 10 years now. She is a laparoscopic surgeon with areas of interest and expertise in high risk pregnancies, infertility, urogynaecology, adolescence and menopausal issues. The expert multidisciplinary care provided by Dr. Agarwal along with the team of doctors including gynaecologists, urogynaecologists, physicians and surgeons will ensure that you are well informed about the possible diagnosis, investigations required and proper management of your condition under one roof in an expedited manner.

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